Best Laminate Floor Polish for Shining Laminate Floors

The best laminate floor polish will contain no oil or soap. Since oil and soap attract dust and dirt they should be avoided at all cost. Dirt and grit will scratch your laminate floor, so it’s imperative you do everything you can to limit the amount of dirt and grit in the first place. Look for a floor polish with no oil or soap, and one that leaves no wax build up.

The best way to shine laminate floors is with a floor restorer. A liquid floor restorer goes down smooth, so it’s easy to apply. All you need is a clean laminate floor mop, preferably a sponge mop, and your laminate floors will shine like new.

Whether you have good quality or poor quality laminate flooring, it doesn’t matter. A good quality floor restorer will help provide the protection your laminate floor needs. It will make scratches less noticeable, and help protect your laminate from future scratches, spills, stains, black heel marks, and other debris.

Step-by-step plan for choosing the best laminate floor polish to shine your laminate floors.

Step 1. Choose a floor restorer instead of a store bought laminate floor polish. Most store bought laminate floor polishes contain oil or soap, or both. Don’t use them. Use a floor restorer that repels dust instead.

Step 2. Make your own homemade laminate floor cleaner. Mix one cup of vinegar to one gallon of warm water. Using a damp sponge mop, begin cleaning. Never use a dripping wet mop. The water can enter the seams and soften the glue underneath, and eventually warp the laminate panels. Finally, wipe the floor dry with a soft lint free towel as you go. Harsh floor cleaners should not be used on laminate flooring.

Step 3. Use a laminate floor restorer. Find one with no offensive odor or smelly fumes.

Other reasons to choose a floor restorer instead of a laminate floor polish include:

. A good quality floor restorer contains no oil, and no soap, so they won’t attract dust and dirt.

. There’s no wax build up and they don’t yellow like some of the waxes and polishes sold in stores.

. Floor restorers protect laminate floors from spills, stains, detergents, black heel marks, and more.

Whether you have expensive or cheap laminate flooring, you know the best way to shine laminate floors is by using a good quality floor restorer instead of a floor polish. Pro Shot® Floor Restorer makes old laminate flooring look new and keeps newer laminate looking new. It can even make cheap laminate floors look expensive. Best of all, the shine will last for months, with no yellowing and no wax build up.

It’s easy and affordable to shine laminate floors by cleaning them with a damp mop, or with vinegar diluted in water, allowing them to dry, and applying Pro Shot® Floor Restorer. Pro Shot® contains no oil or soap, so it won’t attract the dust and dirt like most of the laminate floor polishes you buy in stores.