How to clean laminate floor

Want a clean laminate floor? A laminate floor is easy to clean and maintain if you use a floor restoring product once or twice per year.

Laminate flooring is made of fiberboard with a moisture-resistant layer underneath and a photographic image of natural wood flooring on top, finished with a hard, clear coating.

If you want a clean laminate floor, all you need are a light vacuum cleaner or broom and a damp towel for any spots. Vacuum regularly to keep dust, dirt, and grit off the floor and avoid scratching your laminate floor. Never clean laminate floors with anything abrasive, such as a cleanser, sandpaper, or steel wool. If you have scratches from grit or gravel, you will not be able to sand them out. Remember, unlike real hardwood, the woodgrain is only as deep as the photograph.

To clean a laminate floor more thoroughly, you can use a vinegar solution. Put 1/4 cup vinegar into a 32-ounce spray bottle and fill with plain water. Then mop with a damp mop, spraying the floor as you go along. Dry the floor afterward with a soft cloth; don’t leave any standing water as it may warp the laminate floor panels or soften the glue. Most laminate floor manufacturers do not recommend using Oil Soap Products to clean laminate floors.

You should never use wax or polish on your clean laminate floor, and never attempt to refinish it.

It will be easier to keep your laminate floor clean if you apply a floor restorer once it is clean. Pro Shot® Floor Restorer will keep a new laminate floor looking new, make an older laminate floor look new again, and can even make a cheap laminate floor look expensive. It is inexpensive, easy to apply, dries to a high sheen in about 30 minutes, and is UL-listed for slip resistance. It fills scratch marks and protects the floor from spills and black heel marks. One more thing, it contains no petroleum and is safer for kids and pets.

Now that you have a clean laminate floor, make your job easier by using Pro Shot® Floor Restorer.